Let's Tell Our Brand Stories

Our Heritage - Every Shade of Royalty

Through the ages, the continent’s finest designers and artisans have created authentic masterpieces for generations of African royalty. The uniquely woven, colorful patterns seen in different tribes reflect a heritage that is undeniably rich, diverse, strong and proud. Step in and discover the confidence of princes and princesses of the greatest African kingdoms. Show up in your power, whenever and wherever... because You are Royalty in your world.

Our Brand Promise - A Gift from the Motherland

Our story begins in Africa with the women and men who get the very best from nature; the growers, the pickers, the weavers, dyers, carvers and ornamentalists. Then on to those who curate each collection with great artistry and precision. Finally, it comes to you as carefully crafted, luxury pieces. Whether it is adorned on your body, hung up on your wall, included in your decor or introduced into your collection, you know you have received a priceless gift from the Motherland to treasure for years to come.

Our Social impact - Touching Lives, Sustaining the Future.

While many have taken unfair advantage of the African continent, we go back to give to communities that have honored us with their artistry. Through investments in programs developed with partners like the women empowerment initiative, When Women Win, we support the development of the next generation of empowered women, men, and youths. Your decision to choose an Ethnic Attitude piece makes you a part of the solution and you should feel proud.

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